This is my favorite way to make lemonade:

Wash (yes!) the lemons. Juice them into a pitcher. Put the pitcher in the fridge — it won't be needed for a while. Peel the lemons with a vegetable peeler, being careful not to get too much bitter white pith. Combine the peels with half a cup of the sugar in a bowl, then beat the shit out of them with a wooden spoon. Cover, and let rest overnight on the countertop. (Note: you've just made oleo-saccharum!)

Dump it all into a pot, add half a cup of water, and gently heat on the stove until the sugar dissolves into the water and the pieces of peel are loose. Using a strainer, remove the peel. Add the rest of the sugar and enough water to dissolve it, continuing to heat gently and stir until dissolved. Be careful not to overheat to avoid a cooked lemon flavor. Once the sugar is fully dissolved and you have a lemon syrup, mix this with the juice. Allow it to fully cool in the fridge so you can judge its flavor accurately, then taste, and dilute with enough water to reach the strength you want. I like to leave it on the strong side and dilute a bit when drinking it — this also leaves the option of diluting with something else ;)

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