OS2 is an analog oscilloscope built from scratch at home. In progress! And so is this page, so not everything is here!


(Again, still in progress, subject to change)

  • Bandwidth: at absolute least 40 MHz. Deflection circuitry will determine, and still in early testing. Simulation models project 60 MHz likely, 80 MHz possible with effort. Signal path is being designed with >100 MHz bandwidth.
  • Channels: four single-channel vertical slots, one dual sweep capable horizontal slot, and one “special” slot for sophisticated addons (planned to use for storage capability)
  • Module format: custom Eurocard-derived, 160x100mm board with a 96-pin DIN 41612 connector. 24mm width for a front panel plate in single-width modules (25n-1 mm for n-width).
  • Probe interface: BNC, Tek 7000 readout pin, 1MΩ/50Ω switchable, custom interface for powered probes.
  • Readout: scale factors and other settings displayed in two 8-char fields per module, using a 6x11 raster font. Scale factors autodetected or user configurable.
  • Design language: generally mid 80s, inspired loosely by Tek 24xx. Simple digitally controlled interfaces.


  • PCB-001-02: Readout generator. This board generates on-screen text.
  • PCB-002-01: LVPS (git link only). This is the low-voltage power supply, generating +15V, +12V, +5.1V, and -15V from a mains input.
  • PCB-003-00: Deflection (git link only). Deflection plate driver. Meant for capacitive-deflection CRTs (as opposed to faster distributed-deflection).
  • PCB-006-00: CRT socket (git link only). Cathode socket board for the 11ЛО2И or 11ЛО1И CRT.

Dedicated test equipment

  • PCB-004-00: Deflection tester (git link only). Provides +100V for the deflection amplifier, as well as two signal sources: a single-to-differential converter for low frequency inputs from a function generator, and a push-pull fast rise edge generator for bandwidth testing and frequency response tuning.
  • PCB-005-00: Readout tester (git link only). Interfaces the readout board to an external scope in X-Y mode, and provides an on-board ROM to emulate a system bus with text.